Finishing the last few months of pharmacy school & looking for a real job to support my love of board games, Marvel comics and other assorted geekery.
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Went to pick up my comics but my store didn’t get nearly enough Captain Marvel issues for all the subscribers so mine was back-ordered.

Maybe I’ll try the other stores in town? Or just buy digital and wait I guess?



"If you know my name then you should know I don’t play by anyone’s rules"

those beauty marks are killing me one photo set at a time…

I haven’t managed to get to the Atomic Empire yet and it’s killing me knowing that this is sitting there waiting on me


Azurite with Dolomite; Touissit, Oujda-Angad Province, Morocco

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Our friends created the most fantastically accurate LIGHT UP portal gun. MADE IT.

Here is my short photo fiction essay about the time Chell took a break at the brewery, let a militant Russian guy give the gun a try before she told Maurice Moss what’s up.

Hey look - it’s me in my Chell costume

Finished the gun in time for Halloween - can’t wait to take this baby out!


hawkguy and co.

full view please!!



Hey Carol Corps!

So you know how we don’t have a whole lot of official Captain Marvel merch? Well, one of the Marvel SDCC exclusives was this awesome Captain Marvel tumbler!

So, of course, I bought 3.

Want one? I’m giving two of them away. Because I know that a lot of people who wanted these didn’t get to go to SDCC.

So! If you want one, reblog. I’ll use a randomization thing to pick two winners on July 31st. You don’t have to follow me or anything, just reblog.

But be cool, don’t reblog from multiple blogs. Just do it once. And feel free to like but I’ll only put reblogs in the drawing.

Good luck!



DIY Strawberry Box Printable from Oh Happy Day here.


i need a reason to make these some day

Oh man, this is too cute.

Pretty good start to my day :)

Pretty good start to my day :)





everything else aside, alanna the lioness definitely got the fuck/marry/kill of jon/george/roger completely right

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I haven’t read Alanna the Lioness yet though the series is on my list, but reblogging for the Belgariad shout-out. LOVED those books.