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That last semester of pharmacy school really derailed any posting here. But it’s all over (submitted my last take-home final this morning) & in fact, that’s the end of classes. Now I spend the next year putting in enough hours on various rotations to graduate and take the boards.

Rotations don’t start for me until June 1st, however, which means time for fun stuff. I’m heading out to Board Game Night at my FLGS in just a few hours - just got to figure out what to take along with me. If you’re interested, my current collection can be seen over at BGG (

I’ve also been feeling out the possibility of getting involved with local gamers, hoping to find an additional weekly game night. Keeping my fingers crossed that something works out!

Finally finished with The Hardest Semester EVER & man it feels good to be done!

We’ll see if it still feels as good when all my grades come back but so far I’ve pulled A’s in Ambulatory Care, Pharmaceutical Care Lab, & Infectious Disease Pharmacology so at least 3/5 graded courses are good. In addition, I passed the Immunization certification course so that’s another thing checked off.

This semester hasn’t allowed much time for gaming apart from the charity 24hr board game marathon I participated in during November. Tuesday night, Kit & I did manage to play Flash Point: Fire Rescue for the first time. We just tried the Family rules to get used to the basic mechanism & it definitely has potential. I can’t WAIT to bring in all the complexity of the full game, but I think he’s a little daunted so i don’t know when I’ll get to ramp it up. Here’s hoping the holidays will bring more time for play: I’m hoping to check out Board Game Night at our FLGS now that I don’t have homework.

Here’s looking forward to Christmas - can’t wait to just relax & enjoy some time with my family.

Been absent for a while - rotation + the day-job meant that I was working 7 days a week throughout July. Definitely glad for a week of vacation before it’s back to the grind.

As for my games, not only did I get the three shown here, I’ve also recently acquired Arkham Horror and Trollhalla (bit of an odd couple there) so I’ll definitely be getting in some gaming before school restarts.

Just 5 more days and finals will be over; of course, that means 2.5 days of intense neurological therapy study followed by 2 days of studying pharmacokinetics but just knowing the end is in sight is WONDERFUL. Then it’s onto an online Summer school course running May-July plus rotation in July but I don’t even care about those at this point. The very fact that I can have some time to myself is exhilarating.

I’m already getting tempted to buy more games to try out over break. I played At the Gates of Loyang for the first time yesterday but I only played solo, so I’m still counting it in my “Need to Play” group until we sit down and play together. Plus, I still haven’t played Carcassonne yet. So no new games till I play everything I have.

My OSCE is tomorrow at 11:30 - basically I have to go into 4 rooms in each of which is an actor playing a patient needing to speak to a pharmacist. I’m as prepared as possible and yet I’m still terrified. Hopefully this semester I won’t run out of time like last time!

Here’s hoping the “patients” are nice and that I don’t blank.

Next to my bus stop is the Sam W Hitt Medicinal Plant Gardens - I wonder how many people think this is just regular plant filler between the buildings?

I don’t have work or class Friday.

The boy doesn’t have work Friday.

The problem? I have a MASSIVE psych exam Monday & work all weekend - guess that means my dreams of actually playing some more of the board games I got with this year’s tax refund are postponed a bit longer.

Roll on May 7th, the games are waiting!